#HaikuTeacher(What teachers are secretly thinking… In haiku poetry)

I have decided that my new hobby will be to annotate my secret teachery thoughts in haiku and tweet them with an appropriate silly image. Here are a few to whet the appetite. Feel free to join in should you so desire.


Don’t forget to hashtag #HaikuTeacher.

Staff Room  

Must sit on same chair,

Must drink tea out of same cup,

Must ignore the bell.

The Photocopier


Run out of toner,

Roller jammed with paper,

What can I teach now?



Not another one,

If I do a cut and paste

Will anyone notice?

Staff Meetings   Why on a Monday?

Open eyes and look engaged, 

Want to go to bed.

School Trips


Scared I might lose one,

Spend all day counting children,

BP off the scale.

Last Day Of Term  

They made a poster,

And watched a film, so shoot me,

We all deserved it.



What on earth is that?

No one ever taught me that!

Thank God for Google.


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