Classroom Environment (some things I have made) 

Here are a few resources I have made from things sourced for free, or were very cheap.

Crate seats, I saw the idea on Pintrest and thought they were brilliant. Royal Mail provided me with the crates, the material was donated and we had the wood in the garage. All I purchased myself was the foam. Instant storage and seating in the reading corner. 
Mobile writing utensil storage (or cutlery containers from old dishwashers)
A classroom tree made from packing paper. Underneath the children self-register with ‘name stones’ which I sprayed and varnished. 
Story-stones, these are absolutely brilliant for oral story-telling. I drew the pictures on the stones and varnished them. The children use them within a whole range of child-initiated  activities.


Tyres, tyres,tyres! They are absolutely amazing for so many different things. I went begging to kwik-fit. They gave me 12! These ones I sprayed and use as outdoor tuff-spots. 

 A sign to go in the outdoor space, it’s literally made from rubbish… An old plant pot, a plank of wood, some stones and pinecones. 

An up-cycled clothes rail that I made into an outdoor music stand. 

‘Real’ signs fixed to wood to go in the building site role-play.  

Rainbow curtain made from 50 chiffon scarves all sourced from charity shops. The crate seats are underneath it. 

Big sticks are amazing to use as a hanging space in the classroom (I have several suspended from the ceiling).  

You don’t need to spend a fortune on chalk boards. This is plywood from my garage, sprayed with blackboard paint and nailed to the wall. Outdoor mark making area.


2 thoughts on “Classroom Environment (some things I have made) 

  1. These ideas are amazing-feeling I poetry inspired 🙂 where did you get things like the coat stand and plywood/planks? Did you just ask the post office for the crates? Think I need to get cheeky and just ask businesses:)

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